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Relocated from Atlanta, the Chattahoochee River (The "Hooch") to Portland, the Clackamas River and Mt. Hood

Our Mission Is To Give You The Competitive Advantage

​​Collaborating with Chattahoochee Resumes will help you understand a robust way of posturing yourself to a hiring manager by using an iterative process of questions, responses, revisions. We'll continue the process until we have satisfied three goals:

  • You will be completely satisfied.
  • Your resume will maximize your potential for getting interviews by differentiating you from your competition and representing you professionally.
  • Your resume will be 100% compatible with all ATS data extraction software. That is a guarantee!

The resume is the key collateral materials document. When we've met the goals two additional files of the resume will be created for different purposes. You will have a finalized Base resume, a Plain Text version, and a Handout version.  Two additional documents will be provided: One that explains When to use Which Resume File and another that provides detailed Guidelines for Keeping your Resume Compatible with ATS should you wish to edit it in the future.

Typically we will generate 3 to 6 revisions of your base resume. How rapidly we complete the process is primarily dependent upon your responsiveness. 

The cover letter, often required, is only important if it is not a mundane, me-too document that reads like everyone else's. You will receive a truly unique cover letter, unlike others you might have seen, that differentiates you from your competition. Your cover letter will make a clear call-to-action to the hiring manager. And it will establish rapport with the manager. It will not be like the mundane cover letters other people write that get deleted without being read.

In the last part of the resume package you will be provided with specific advice for making your LinkedIn profile a strong inbound marketing tool. 

If you sign up for Job Search Skills Coaching service to hone your skills you will receive coaching on:

  • How to find hiring manager's names
  • How to get referrals to hiring managers
  • How to write scripts that get you past gatekeepers
  • How to make your initial introduction to hiring managers
  • How to interview successfully plus closing techniques you can use
  • How to negotiate salary and other compensation
  • How to master networking
  • How to take best advantage of recruiters, including some things that may surprise you about using recruiters and recruiting firms
  • How to plan an effective search strategy

The coaching package includes written documentation on each topic. Role playing will be provided if you desire.

There is no limit on the time spent with you on all services. Billing is not done by the hour. You are a client in perpetuity.