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Our Mission is to Give You The Competitive Advantage

Our resumes and cover letters generate more interviews.
We can't promise you a job but we will improve your chances of getting offers. 

We will make you competitive!

Get more interviews!

Chattahoochee Resumes will help you conduct a robust job search that differentiates you from your competition. We will posture you to hiring managers using a collaborative, iterative process of questions, responses, revisions of your resume. Your resume will be 100% compatible with all ATS data extraction software. That is a guarantee!

When we've completed your resume we will provide you with three files of the resume for different purposes; You will have two ATS compatible versions of your resume for applying to jobs, a Word resume and a Plain Text version for making electronic job applications, plus a Handout version enhanced for people to read.  We'll also provide you with two additional documents, one that explains When to use Which Resume File and another that provides detailed Guidelines for Keeping your Resume Compatible with ATS so that you can edit it confidently yourself in the future.

The process we use will help you understand a robust way of posturing yourself to a hiring manager. We will collaborate with you in creating your base resume. First, ATS features that could possibly cause data extraction problems will be removed and the file will be saved in a Word *.docx document format that ATS likes.

Next the first revision will be created with questions and comments focused on the results of your work. You will respond with answers, comments, corrections, and input as you see fit. Then we'll repeat the process, typically generating 3 to 6 revisions before we are done.

As we create each of the revisions, you will receive explanations explaining why changes have been made so you will learn and be prepared to make future revisions yourself. 

After completing your resume, we will create a truly unique cover letter that differentiates you from your competition. Your cover letter will establish rapport and make a clear call-to-action to the hiring manager. It will not be like the mundane cover letters other people write that get deleted without being read.

Finally you will be provided with specific advice for making your LinkedIn profile a strong inbound marketing tool. 

We offer fixed pricing with no limit on the time we will spend with you. We are here to answer your questions long after the work is completed.  

Improve the way you sell the benefits of hiring you!

In addition, if you sign up for Job Search Skills Coaching service you will receive coaching on:

  • How to plan an effective search strategy and hone the skills necessary to sell your services in a convincing manner
  • How to get referrals to hiring managers
  • How to find hiring manager's names and make informal contact with them to discover their real needs
  • How to write scripts that get you past their gatekeepers 
  • How to make effective initial introductions to hiring managers 
  • How to interview successfully and what closing techniques you can use effectively
  • How to negotiate salary and other compensation
  • How to take best advantage of recruiters, including some surprising things you need to know about recruiters and recruiting firms
  • How to master networking

The coaching package includes written documentation on each topic. Role playing will be provided if you desire.