Hi! my name is karl liechty

I offer personal, comprehensive 

​job search services to you

You are unique. A generalized one-size-fits-all approach to crafting  job searches does not help you find a job. Therefore I deliver customized solutions, tailored to you, for your specialty, your objective, your one-of-a-kind challenge

Whether you are looking for a complete resume overhaul or coaching on how to perfect your job search skills, I have you covered.

​In addition to understanding how to execute a robust search and write great contemporary resumes and cover letters, I differentiate myself from other resume writers as follows:


I understand how to motivate hiring managers to interview you based on many years of direct experience as a hiring manager. I have held many management roles, including Product Development Manager, Product Line Business Director, and Vice President of multi-site manufacturing. 

I can teach you how to find and speak to hiring managers, how to navigate through gate keepers, how to interview and negotiate salary, and how to effectively network are topics in which I have extensive expertise. 

If you wish to work with recruiting firms, I can help you understand what you need to know about the recruiting industry and how recruiters work from 8 years of personal experience as a full-service recruiter. I've been there, done that. You might be surprised by what you will learn about recruiters.

Perhaps most important, I can teach you how to navigate through Applicant Tracking System software. I am a subject matter expert on creating documents that are compatible with ATS parsing. I guarantee your resume will not fail ATS parsing because of document attribute issues.

I hold a BSME degree and have a long background in engineering, product design and development, product business management and manufacturing management at senior levels. I am experienced in lean manufacturing processes and apply lean principles to everything I do.

When you partner with me you get my personal help, the most professional, effective and affordable one-on-one job search assistance that people like you are looking for, with a success rate close to 100%.

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Relocated from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR, Serving Job Seekers Worldwide 

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