Hooch Resumes uses a collaborative process to craft your resume so that you can learn how to edit your resume in the future without the need for expert resume writing help.

Hiring processes vary from company to company. Therefore we provide you with 3 files of your resume, two for different online application processes and one specifically for handing out to people offline. You will receive written guidance on when to use which resume file.

Your resume will be compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software. We GUARANTEE that! You will receive a written guideline with over 40 Do's and Don'ts for assuring ATS compatibility. 

You will receive a unique cover letter that calls for action and establishes rapport with the hiring manager. It is unlike the typical, mundane cover letters that don't get read. It will  differentiate you from your competition. Unlike most cover letters, it will get read.

And you will receive advice on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum inbound marketing effectiveness.


About ats parsing compatibility

Job search skills can always be improved. Hooch Resumes stays current with the best techniques. Topics include:
* Reaching out directly to hiring managers. This is the most effective way to get a new job. You need to know how to determine who the hiring manager is, how to determine what the manager's real needs are (job descriptions typically don't tell you the real reason the manager is hiring). Understanding the hiring manager's pain enables you to edit your resume and cover letter to be responsive to the needs.
* Interviewing skills. We'll help you understand how to sell your core competencies and how to avoid making interviewing mistakes.

* Closing techniques for job seeking. You'll find out what closing techniques to use that win job offers.

* You'll learn how to negotiate salary and compensation

* We'll discuss your search strategy with you to make sure it is effective.
* If you want to use recruiters we'll make sure you know how to sort out those who can be effective for you. Some  can help and some cannot. And you may discover some surprising things about recruiting firms that you didn't know.

* We'll help you understand the many ways to network effectively. ​

Each topic includes written study documents.​​

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People often don't get the response they were expecting when they apply online. No one wants their resume to be dropped into a "black hole". Applicant Tracking System software (ATS) used by many employers is the primary reason you don't get responses or you get "thank you, but ..." responses, ​even when you are qualified!

Chattahoochee Resumes is a subject matter expert on the causes of ATS problems with your resume that can drop you into the "black hole". We have in-depth knowledge of over forty technical causes of ATS data extraction limitations. Keywords are critical, but ATS problems go far beyond simply using the right key words in your resume.

Resumes we generate are 100% compatible with all ATS data extraction software. That's our  GUARANTEE! Working with us you will learn how to achieve ATS when you make edits in the future.

TWO SERVICE package Options​

#1 - Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization
#2 - Skills Improvement - Hone Your Search Skills and Learn New Techniques
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RESUME, cover letter​ & PROFILE

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"After 3 years of job search frustration I finally found a full time opportunity. Karl helped me totally revise my resume and make it ATS searchable. I received more calls in 3 weeks than  in 3 years. I recommend Karl to anyone who has been frustrated by the job market." Joe

"Karl took the time to thoroughly understand my unique situation, provided me with an ATS-compatible resume, advised me on how to handle specific job applications, and responded to all of my many questions as my searched progressed." Brian

"Karl's approach to the process of resume writing is completely unique and his strategies are powerful, out of the box and empowering." Kamran 

"Karl challenged me to change my search strategy, offered sound advice and encouragement, and improved my resume, enabling me to find a perfect position!" David

 "Karl knows what hiring managers are looking for in a resume. He turned my search around and I found a job easily with the resume he produced." Melinda

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